Financial Reports

Each year the council prepares a budget and policy book which has an estimate of our income and expenditure. We also prepare financial statements within two months of the financial year end.

Independent auditors then inspect the Council's management arrangements and financial accounts, reporting back their key findings to the Strategy and Resources Committee.

The Council's financial and audit reports can be found below.

Statements of accounts

Audited Statement of Accounts 2017-2018

Audited Statement of Accounts 2016-2017

Audited Statement of Accounts 2015-2016

Audited Statement of Accounts 2014-2015

Audited Statement of Accounts 2013-2014

Audited Statement of Accounts 2012-2013

Audit documentation and public notices

Annual Audit Letter 2017/18

Audit findings report 2017-2018

Audit Completion notice 2017-2018

Notice of Public Inspection of Accounts 2017/18

Annual Audit Letter 2016-2017

Audit findings report 2016-2017

Audit completion notice 2016-2017

Audit notice 2017

Audit and inspection - audit findings 2014-2015

Audit and inspection - audit opinion 2014-2015

Budget information and other reports

Asset management plan

Budget book 2018-2019

Budget book 2017-2018

Budget report 2016-2017

Medium term financial plan 2016-2020

Annual plans - summary policy book 2016-2017

Annual plans - treasury management strategy 2016-2017

Epsom & Walton Downs Conservators

Notice of conclusion of audit 2016-2017 Epsom & Walton Downs Conservators