Temporary road closures

Under section 21 of the Town and Country Police Clauses Act 1847 we are able to grant permission for temporary road closures for social events, including street parties, marches and parades.

We are unable to close roads in order for works to take place on the Highway and if you require a road closure for this purpose then you will need to contact Surrey County Council. Details of forthcoming temporary road closures are available at the end of this page.



Before making an application for a temporary road closure you should think carefully about whether the road closure is necessary and the part it will play in your event.  As the applicant you are responsible for ensuring that people know about the road closure and putting appropriate signage and barriers in place.  You are also responsible for clearing away all signage, physical obstructions, litter and debris after the event.  You will be liable for the costs of cleaning the Highway, or even prosecution, if you fail to clear away properly after the road closure and therefore it is really important that you ensure you have arrangements in place. You may find the information on the Event Planning page to be of assistance where a template risk assessment and event management plan are provided.

You will need to provide a clear and accurate plan showing the proposed road closure and if your application is granted then the plan will form part of the road closure order. You should think about the impact that the road closure will have on surrounding areas and the alternative routes people may need to take. Remember that you will need to ensure that access is maintained for essential vehicles (such as emergency vehicles) and pedestrians throughout the road closure. 


If the proposed road closure will result in a scheduled bus service needing to be cancelled or diverted you must consult with the local bus company. Please follow this link to find the contact details of the local bus company. The local bus company may impose a charge or refuse to agree to the road closure. It is your responsibility to gain consent from the local bus company before making your application and you will be required to attach a copy of their consent to your application.  Failure to obtain consent will result in your application being refused.


Before making an application for a temporary road closure you will need to consult with any residents, parking permit holders and businesses affected by the closure. We require the agreement of at least 75% of those people affected by the temporary road closure in order for permission to be granted. We have produced a template to record residents' consent, which you may wish to use.

Other information

If you are applying to close a High Street or a main road then your application will need to be supported by an event management plan, traffic management plan and a risk assessment.  We also recommend that you allocate a sufficient budget to cover the cost of public liability insurance of £10 million, signage and medical provision. Given that such roads are usually only closed for larger events it is highly likely that you will need to consult with Epsom & Ewell Safety Advisory Group (SAG) who require notification a minimum of six months in advance of the event. Generally your application will only be granted if the SAG are satisfied with the arrangements for your event and it is your responsibility to ensure that you contact the SAG in sufficient time.

If you are applying to close a through road, which is a road linking two main roads, then you will need to supply a traffic management plan and risk assessment. We also recommend that you allocate a sufficient budget to cover the cost of public liability insurance of £10 million, signage and medical provision.

If you are applying to close a small residential road like a cul-de-sac then you will not need to submit any additional documents. However, we do recommend that you take out public liability insurance of £5 million.

Future temporary road closures

We provide copies of all the current road closure orders we have made in respect of local events below.