Simply Weekly Recycling


Weekly collections

Mixed recycling in your green wheelie bin. Paper, card, cartons, cans and plastics. Textiles in a bag by your bin. NO GLASS.

Glass recycling in your recycling box. Glass bottles and jars ONLY.

Food waste recycling in your food bin. All food waste.

Refuse in your black wheelie bin. If it can't be recycled in your other bins. NO FOOD WASTE PLEASE.

Because these are weekly collections you will no longer need a collections calendar. You can simply choose whether or not to put each bin out on collection day.

Fortnightly collections

Garden waste and leaves in your brown wheelie bin. A fortnightly, chargeable service for subscribers only. Check your garden waste collection week. Please note that we will send a garden waste calendar to all subscribers each March.

The right thing in the right bin

More than ever, it's incredibly important to put the right thing in the right bin.  What if your bin has the wrong waste in it?

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Services to flats

We have now converted flats with communal bins to Simply Weekly Recycling too. Please see the labels on your bins and your new service leaflet for full details of what to recycle where.

Other options for recycling and waste