Recycling out and about

Current services at the tip

The booking system for visits to Surrey County Council's Community Recycling Centre (the tip) on Blenheim Road has now stopped.

The tip has reverted to normal opening, and visits will no longer need to be booked. Check tip opening times.

The tip is operated by Surrey County Council, to whom any queries should be directed.

Recycle small electrical items at some local recycling points

We have been able to secure recycling banks for small electrical items at three of our local recycling points:

You can recycle small electrical items here, such as kettles, toasters, irons, radios, hairdryers, toasters, mobile phones etc. You can leave plugs and cords on.

Other local recycling points

Find your nearest local recycling point and what can be recycled there. Do not leave anything other than the specified materials.

Please note that recycling banks at Sainsbury's in Kiln Lane, Epsom are not operated by the Council. Any queries about recycling at Sainsbury's should be directed to the store.

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