Domestic bonfires

There are no specific bylaws restricting when you can have a bonfire, however we would ask that you consider the impact bonfires can have on your neighbours and the environment. Chemicals in bonfire smoke contribute to overall air pollution levels and can affect the health of those with respiratory conditions. Bonfire smoke can also cause a nuisance to your neighbours.  Where an environmental health officer considers a bonfire to amount to a statutory nuisance, action can be taken to deal with it under Environmental Protection Act 1990 through serving an abatement notice.
Wherever possible we would recommend that you:
• use the Council's green waste collection service
• home compost
• take the waste to the tip 

However if you do decide to have a bonfire, we ask that you follow the guidance in the Bonfire leaflet to minimise the impact on your neighbours and local air quality.

Bonfires on industrial and trade premises

There are restrictions on the burning of materials on industrial and business premises.
It is an offence to allow or cause dark smoke to be emitted from industrial or trade premises under the Clean Air Act 1993. Please report dark/black smoke arising from burning on industrial or trade premises.
The Environment Agency also enforce waste management laws in relation to these premises. Incidents of burning waste on industrial or trade premises should be reported to the Environment Agency on their 24-hour emergency incident line - 0800 807060.

Reporting a bonfire nuisance

You may contact us by telephone on 01372 732000