Playing Out (Play Street)

Playing Out

On 22 October 2023 the Community & Wellbeing Committee approved the introduction of the Playing Out (Play Street) scheme to Epsom & Ewell. 

Playing Out is a not-for-profit organisation set up by parents in 2009 designed to promote to activate street play across the UK.  The term ‘Play Street’ is now being used interchangeably with Playing Out, to refer to the movement of resident-led temporary road closures to allow children to play out in the street where they live.

The scheme, which is supported by Play England, allows for streets that are not a main road or bus route to be closed to through traffic for short periods of time (up to 3 hours). Playing Out is organised by residents, with the agreement of their neighbours and allows children the freedom to play outside in the streets where they live and also helps to bring communities together. 

For more information on Playing Out please visit the Playing Out website using this link(external webpage)

If you would like to apply for a Temporary Playing Out Order to facilitate a Paying Out session please complete our online application form which will cover both the Playing Out scheme and the temporary road closure application. If you haven't created an MCS account please complete the form as a 'guest'. When doing so, please ensure you remove the auto-populated 'anonymous' details and replace them with your own details. We will not be able to process your application without this information. 

For any questions please email 

Before applying we would strongly advise you to read the guidance and T&Cs below as you will be required to agree to these as part of the application process. 

Guidance & Requirements


Residents and businesses can apply to the council for a ‘Temporary Play Street Order’, however some roads in Epsom & Ewell may not be suitable such as main roads and Bus routes.  The most suitable roads are quiet residential streets or cul-de -sacs where an easy alternative route for through traffic can be provided.  Please note any existing Traffic Management Order or other statutory provision on the street to be closed will remain in force during the closure, unless specified to the contrary on the play street order.

In the event of any conflicting road works the application may be refused by the highway authority

After we receive your application, we will consult with Surrey Police and Surrey County Council (The Highways Authority). Once we receive approval from the highway authority, we will then process the order for signing and sealing which will normally be emailed to you.  We therefore recommend that you apply approximately 12 weeks in advance of your required Playing Out closure date. 


Before submitting the application, the organisers are required to consult all affected residents/traders on the street. Consultation provides the opportunity for questions or concerns to be raised.  Organisers must seek agreement with all affected residents by delivering a consultation letter to each property and completing a resident survey form.  As part of the application process, you will need to submit the completed survey form showing the name, address and signature of at least 75% majority of the households showing evidence of support. Please complete the Resident consultation form and submit with a copy of the letter you provided to residents.  

To download examples of resident letters you could give out to neighbours, drafted by Playing Out, please click this link(external webpage).


Consideration should be given to those living or working nearby and any excessive noise should be minimised. Parents are responsible for their children at all times and not the stewards/organisers.

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment should be carried out and submitted for our records.  Although a risk assessment does not guarantee that an incident won’t happen, it can significantly help to reduce the probability.  It is the organisers responsibility to do this not the Council’s.  To download an example of a risk assessment drafted by Playing Out, please click this link(external webpage)

Traffic Management Plan

The organiser(s) are required to submit a traffic management plan with their application.  This should be a map clearly showing the area to be closed and the type and positioning of all temporary signs and barriers


Stewards must be positioned at each of the ’Road Closed’ points and must stay in place apart from assisting cars of residents or visitors through/into and out of the closed area at walking speed.  Stewards must be adults and be clearly identifiable ie wearing a hi-visibility jacket/clothing.  Stewards have an important role and should be clear about their responsibilities are. Playing Out have published a video to assist with training stewards which can be accessed by clicking this link(external webpage)

Terms & Conditions

  1. The event shall not be publicised using fly-posting on street furniture or elsewhere.
  2. The organisers will be responsible for providing adequate supervision, stewardship, and first-aid cover to ensure public safety for the event, but it should be noted that under no circumstances are stewards or marshals empowered or permitted to direct traffic. Each closure must always be supervised and maintained by responsible and clearly identifiable adults wearing hi-visibility jackets and each point of closure must be marshalled throughout the period of the event. All through-traffic is prohibited, and vehicles may enter or leave the road only at walking speed (5mph speed limit) and under supervision, once the road is clear of children playing. Any vehicles wishing to gain access to the closed section of road will be restricted to a walk through.
  3. On-street parking for residents or visitors cannot be refused or restricted other than through an already existing Traffic Regulation Order.
  4. No closure can be for more than 3 hours.
  5. Applications will not be approved on the roads refuse collection day.
  6. Any order made is entirely for the purpose of children’s play and may not involve the placement of any structure on the highway during its use.
  7. No obstructions shall be placed on fire hydrants, and organisers should endeavour to maintain an access path along the area of the closure for emergency vehicles.
  8. Any signs, poles, tables, chairs, trestles etc. shall be positioned at a safe distance from road junctions, garage entrances and vehicular accesses to properties, and be placed to allow adequate access for emergency vehicles. All equipment should be removed before at the end of the event.
  9. Alcoholic drinks cannot be consumed at a Street Play session. No activity requiring any form of licence (under the Licencing Act 2003) may be undertaken when this Order is in force.  The street is closed for play only.
  10. Fireworks, Bonfires and BBQs are prohibited on the public highway.
  11. It is the responsibility of the play street organisers to ensure that all barriers and signs are removed and that any rubbish is cleared before the road is re-opened.  Any damage to the highway would also need to be made good.
  12. You must pay to the council, the full cost of any damage to the highway or street furniture or other loss or damage suffered by it and of any claims made against it because of the making of the Notice and which arise from your negligence. We would strongly advise you to take out Public Liability Insurance for the duration of your road closure(s)
  13. Neither Epsom & Ewell Borough Council nor, Surrey County Council will be liable for any costs whatsoever arising from the event.
  14. The Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified the Council and its Members, Officers, servants, or agents in respect of any loss liability claim or proceedings, howsoever arising under statute or common law arising out of or in the course of or by reason of the ‘road closure’ pursuant to the ‘Temporary Play Street Order’ except where such liability loss or damage results directly from the negligence of the Council, its servants or agents.

For further information and details of a useful starter kit which includes signage you may need, please visit the Playing Out website using this link(external webpage).