Dog fouling


Not only is dog fouling unpleasant, but it is a real danger, particularly to young children. It can cause serious illnesses such as toxocariasis, which untreated can lead to blindness.

More information on Toxocariasis can be found on the NHS website.

Responsible dog owners clean up after their dog by using a bag or a poop scoop to remove their dogs mess and dispose of it safely. All bins can be used to throw away your dog's mess in any of them, as long as it's bagged.

We welcome responsible dog walkers

  • Please keep your dog(s) under effective control. Make sure you have your dog’s lead as this must be used in designated areas.
  • Please don’t let your dog(s) disturb other visitors.
  • Please don’t let your dog(s) chase or disturb wildlife, livestock or horses.
  • Please clear up after your dog(s). Bagged dog waste can be disposed of in a normal litter bin or in a dog bin.
  • Please ensure that your dog(s) has a collar and identity tag with your contact details clearly marked.  Ideally have your dog(s) micro-chipped.
  • Regular worming protects your dog(s), people and many other animals.
  • If you are a multiple dog walker can you comply with all of the above?

It is illegal to allow your dog or any dog you are in charge of, to foul the footpath or any other public place.

What can we all do about dog fouling?

Report it and we'll remove it. If you notice dog fouling, let us know by filling in our online form 'Street Cleansing' at the top of this page or calling 01372 732000.