Council Tax Income Discount

The Council Tax Income Discount (CTID) replaces Council Tax Support for working age residents from 01 April 2021

The discount is administered by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council in order to reduce the amount of Council tax charged for people who are on a low income or are unemployed.

To apply for CTID you must:

  • be of working age

  • be liable to pay Council Tax for your property

  • be living in the property as your main home

  • have less than £6000 in savings

How do I apply?

Applications for the discount are made on-line using the link below. The application form can be completed via a PC, tablet or on a smart mobile phone

You will be required to upload proof of your National Insurance (NI) number at the time of making an application. Please ensure you have this before proceeding.


What will happen after I have submitted my application form?

Once you have submitted your form you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided as part of your application. On this email it will again confirm what level (if any) of CTID you are entitled to and there will also be a PDF version of your application form attached, for you to keep for your records.

A copy of you application will also be e-mailed to the Revenues Department to be processed by one of our Revenues Officers. Once the discount has been applied to your Council Tax Account, you will be issued with an adjustment notice in the post, showing the revised instalments you have to pay each month.

You must continue to pay the instalments as set out on your latest bill, until you receive an adjustment notice, to avoid recovery action being taken against your account.

If you do not qualify for CTID or there is no change to the amount of discount you already receive, you will not receive an adjustment notice and must continue to make payments as outlined on your current bill.

Please note we will no longer send you a notification letter detailing your entitlement.

How is entitlement calculated?

CTID entitlement is calculated based on a comparison of household income and household size. The below table shows the percentage reduction that will be applied to your Council tax account based on your household and monthly income.  All Council Tax payers are still expected to pay 20% of the charge due. This means that the maximum level of discount anyone can receive will be 80% of the Council Tax due.    

  Household Type & monthly income
CTID   Percentage Passported Single Adult Adult Couple One Child  Family Two+ Child Family
Band A – 80% Relevant Benefit £0.00 -    £364.00 £0.00 -    £735.00 £0.00 -    £961.00 £0.00 -  £1247.00
Band B – 65% N/A £364.01 - £603.00 £735.01 - £967.00 £961.01 - £1,168.00 £1,247.01 - £1,499.00
Band C – 50% N/A £603.01 - £710.00 £967.01 - £1,152.00 £1,168.01 - £1,295.00 £1,499.01 - £1,839.00
Band D – 40% N/A £710.01 - £1,444.00 £1,152.01 - £1,823.00 £1,295.01 - £2,213.00 £1,839.01 - £3,592.00

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone who needs assistance with their Council Tax have to apply for CTID?

No, only working age residents who are on a low income, need to apply for CTID.

Residents of pensionable age need to continue to contact the Benefits Team to make an application for Council Tax Support.

What is pension age?

Pension age is the earliest age a person can start receiving their State Pension. It may be different to the age to when you start to receive your workplace or personal pension. You can check your pension age on the website.

What if I am a pensioner but my partner is still working age?

Please apply for the Council Tax Income Discount as you will be treated as both being working age until you are both pensioner age. When this happens, if you still require help you will have to make an application for Council Tax Support.

I am currently working age but am due to reach pension age this year?

Please apply for the Council Tax Income Discount, when you reach pensioner age please let us know and we will end the Council Tax Income Discount on the date of your birthday. If you still require help with your Council Tax, please make an application for Council Tax Support from that date.

Why are Epsom and Ewell Borough Council making these changes?

The Council Tax Income Discount has been introduced following significant consultation, on proposed changes, undertaken during the latter half of 2020.

Advantages of a banded income discount is that it is easier to understand, simpler to apply for and easier to administer. Allowing us to award your discount as soon as possible.

Also as Universal Credit rolls out, this new scheme means that your Council Tax Bill is much less likely to change every month as a result of fluctuations to your Universal Credit award.

How can I apply if I do not have access to the internet?

If you do not have access to the internet to make an application for Council Tax Income Discount, free access is available at the Ebbisham Centre (Epsom) and Bourne hall (Ewell) Libraries. Details of your nearest library can be found on Surrey County Council’s website

Can someone else apply on my behalf?

If you are unable to apply for the discount yourself, because you are incapacitated in some way, an application can be made on your behalf.  The on-line form asks “Are you completing this form on behalf of someone else?” If ‘yes’ is selected, the person completing the form is instructed “Unless explicitly stated, the questions on the form are now directed to the applicant (the person that you are applying on behalf of)”.

Third party applications are not intended to be used where, for example, someone is simply not keen to apply on-line and a friend or relative says they will do it for them.  The intention is that third party applications will be used where a person has been appointed to act for the applicant or has, for example, power of attorney.

What evidence will I need to supply to complete the application form?

Everyone will have to supply evidence of your National Insurance Number, or proof that you have applied for one.

Depending on the types of income you receive, you may also be requested to provide payslips, benefit qualification letters, your Universal Credit notice or a bank statement showing savings or payment of benefits from the Department from Work & Pensions.

The form will tell you exactly what evidence you need to provide, based on the answers you have provided.

Epsom & Ewell Working Age Rules 2024-25