We offer annual permits for businesses and individuals for the Ashley Centre, Hook Road, Adelphi Road or Hudson House car parks.

Ashley Centre 

Annual permit £2060

Chessington Road

*Annual permit £380

Hook Road

Annual permit £690
Resident annual permit** £380
Hook Road Parker Card £15 to 31 March 2022 plus up to £3.50 per visit

Adelphi Road   

Resident permit*** £135

Hudson House

Resident permit**** £1010
Non-resident/business permit £1240

A £100 deposit is also required for a fob to gain entry to Hudson House car park.

Annual permits can be purchased via direct debit.

*All residents of Oakdale Road
Residents of 93 – 169 Chessington Road (odds)   
Residents of 166 – 220 Chessington Road (evens)
All residents of Richards Field
Residents of 1-30 Belfield Road

**To be eligible for a resident card in Hook Road you must live within 300m of Hook Road car park.
***To be eligible for a parking permit in Adelphi Road you must live in Adelphi Road.
**** To be eligible for a resident card in Hudson House car park you must live in Hudson House.