Advertising Policy

All advertisements are subject to approval.

We reserve the right to refuse to promote any individual advertisement which is considered inappropriate.

  • All advertising must be legal, decent, honest, truthful and respect the principles of fair competition.
  • The promotion of any advertisement should not been seen as an official endorsement or recommendation by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council of that advertiser's products or services.
  • Epsom & Ewell Borough Council are not responsible for the quality or reliability of the product or services offered within any advertisement.
  • We do not accept responsibility for printing errors or omissions.

Most products and services may be promoted on our advertising channels, however, some specific categories of products and services are prohibited as defined below.

Prohibited organisations

  • Lobby groups
  • Manufacturers and distributors of alcohol and tobacco products
  • Manufacturers and distributors of drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • Manufacturers and distributors of weaponry and related products
  • Organisations in financial or legal conflict with the Council
  • Political organisations

Prohibited products and services

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling and betting
  • High interest / payday loans
  • Pornography and adult services
  • Tobacco
  • Weaponry or violence

Please note that any advertising must not contain party political material and should not persuade the public to a particular view, promote the personal image of a particular councillor or someone standing for election, promote an individual councillor’s proposals, decisions or recommendations, or personalise issues.

Posters from any organisation that we deem to be of an extremist nature will not be displayed.

Posters containing language or images that we deem to be of an obscene or otherwise offensive nature (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) will not be displayed.