Event Planning

If you are planning an event then please read our Event Planning leaflet which provides helpful advice and guidance.

Event Plan

If you are planning an event then a vital part of the organisation is preparing an event plan which will outline all the elements of your event.  The event plan should cover areas such as:

  • Who is responsible for what
  • Details of the event
  • Risk assessment
  • Site safety
  • Crowd management
  • Transport management
  • Welfare plan
  • Medical plan
  • Emergency plan
  • Communications plan 

Whilst an event plan can take many formats the council and Epsom & Ewell SAG would like all event organisers to present a standardised version of their plan for consideration and in order to do this we ask that all event organisers consider using the Epsom & Ewell Template Event Management Plan which includes helpful guidance notes as well as ensuring that all the necessary information is provided.  Even if you are do not need to notify the Epsom & Ewell SAG of your event you may find the template a useful tool to help you in planning your event.  

Risk Assessment

Another important part of your event planning will be preparing a risk assessment.  The risk assessment helps you to identify any hazards that could cause harm, assess the risks that arise from those hazards and decide on measures to eliminate or control these risks.

It is advisable to prepare a written risk assessment, no matter how small your event, so that this can be shared with those involved in planning and running the event and we have prepared a template risk assessment which can be used for this purpose.