Food poisoning

Food poisoning

If you suspect that you have contracted an illness from a food business you should see your GP who may decide to take a faecal specimen to identify what type of food poisoning you have. The results of this will be notified to us and we may then contact you to investigate further. If you are employed as a food handler, you are required to report any food poisoning illness to your employer.

We investigate food poisoning outbreaks to prevent an infection spreading and put in measures to stop outbreaks happening in the future. An investigation may lead to food being seized and a business being closed down or taken to court.

People in the risk groups below are particularly vulnerable and should seek further advice from us:

  • staff of health care facilities who have direct contact, or contact through the serving of food, with patients or persons in whom an intestinal infection would have particularly serious consequences
  • children aged less than five years who attend nurseries, nursery schools, playgroups, or other similar groups
  • adults who may find it difficult to implement good standards of personal hygiene.

You can report an incident to us by email:  or telephone 01372 732000.
Further information visit Food Standards Agency