Housing Allocation Policy

New Housing Allocation Policy and criteria

We have recently implemented a new Housing Allocation Policy. The most significant changes are listed below.

  • Stronger restrictions on who can qualify for social housing, for example, local connection, financial resources and behaviour.
  • The points based scheme will be replaced with a banding scheme.
  • You will be placed in one of three categories: homeless, waiting list, or transfer. A quota of properties will be allocated to each of the categories.
  • Homeless households living in temporary accommodation will be made one direct offer of suitable accommodation.
  • Reduced priority for waiting list and transfer applicants who refuse three suitable offers of accommodation.
  • Household and property size criteria will be aligned with the government bedroom standard.
  • Specific provision has been made for armed forces personnel and right to move applicants.

Lettings plans

We operate two types of lettings plans: an annual lettings plan and a local lettings plan for new build properties.

Annual lettings plan

The annual Llttings plan ensures that there is an appropriate balance of property allocation between the different categories of applicants on the housing needs register. It is updated each year to reflect current issues and needs.

Local lettings plan

These are drawn up for new build developments. The aim of this plan is to establish additional criteria for allocation of new build homes in order to achieve a socially and economically balanced community. The criteria will clearly be displayed on the property adverts and applicants are then shortlisted according to these criteria. If an applicant bids on a property but does not meet the lettings plan criteria they will be overlooked.