Annual Canvass of the Register of Electors

The Annual Canvass

Every year Epsom & Ewell Borough Council is required by law to contact each household in the Borough to find out if there have been any changes to who is eligible to be registered to vote at each address. We will be contacting  households again from August until November.
This year we will continue to implement the changes to the way the annual canvass is held following the implementation of The Representation of the People (Annual Canvass)(Amendment) Regulations 2019. We will be contacting residents  by email and telephone in addition to sending out canvass communications in the post.

Your household will receive one or more of the below:

  • A confirmation letter on green paper sent by post. You will be asked to check the names of people living at your address. You only need to respond if you need to make a change or update the information printed on the letter.
  • A canvass form sent on yellow paper by post. This form will ask you to confirm who is currently eligible to vote in your household. By law, you must respond to this form and provide the information requested.
  • An email communication in relation to the above if you have previously provided an email address to Electoral Services – expected to be sent on or around 24 August.

How to respond

To confirm or update the details for your household:

  • Visit In the login page, please enter both parts of the security code that is on the letter, canvass form or email you have received.
  • If you have no changes to make, you can also respond by calling 0800 197 9871

If you are asked to respond to a canvass communication and don’t, we will make other attempts to get a response from you, which may include reminder forms, calling you on the telephone or a visit to your property, so please respond as soon as you receive the information request from us.

If you have any questions about how to respond to the letter, form or email you have received, please email

Unsubscribe from emails

If you want to unsubscribe from getting the annual canvass communication by email then please email your request including your full name and address to:

Please note that there is a criminal penalty for failing to provide the information required when requested to do so by the Electoral Registration Officer of a maximum of £1,000. The penalty for providing false information to an Electoral Registration Officer is imprisonment of up to 51 weeks or, (on summary conviction) an unlimited fine.

Will returning the form register me to vote?

No, adding your name to your canvass response will not register you to vote. Voter registration is a separate process and once you have told us you need to register we will send information either by email or post to each unregistered person at your property giving information on how to register. You do not need to wait for this information, you can register via the national voter registration website

The two versions of the register

The Electoral Registration Officer makes and keeps two versions of the electoral register.

  • The full register - This lists everyone who is entitled to vote. This is the register that is used for running elections and for other specified uses as prescribed by law (contact Electoral Services for more information). The full register is a public document and it can be inspected by anyone. The full register is not available on the internet, it is in paper format only and any inspection of the register must be done under supervision. It is held at the Town Hall and if you wish to look at the full register, please contact Electoral Services to arrange an appointment.
  • The open register – This version can be bought by anyone and used for any purpose such as putting your personal details on the Internet and mail marketing. Being on the open register is optional so if you do not want your details sold on you can say NO. The open register is also held at the Town Hall, please contact to arrange an appointment.

Want to come off the open register?

If your details are on the open register and you wish them to come off then you can ask for them to be removed. Contact electoral services by email, giving your name and address to or by phoning the helpline 01372 732000.
You can also go back onto the open register by requesting to do so in writing.

Checking the new register

The new register will be published on 1 December 2023 and can be checked after that date at the Town Hall.
The new register will be used to run any elections that may be held in 2024.
Please note: You are not automatically registered to vote by registering to pay Council Tax. This is because you may be eligible to pay Council Tax but not be eligible to vote. You should also be aware that not registering to vote can affect your credit history.

Need more help?

If you need more advice, please contact electoral services at the Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom Surrey, KT18 5BY Tel: 01372 732000 or email:

Your personal information

We will only use the information you give us for electoral purposes. We will look after personal information securely and we will follow the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not give personal information about you and the other people in your household to anyone else or another organisation unless we have to by law.