Street sweeping


There are three sweepers; one a medium road sweeper and two smaller sweepers that we use to regularly clean the roads, car parks and pavements around the borough.

Shopping areas

Shopping areas are swept daily by our sweeper teams from before the morning commute.


Main roads are cleansed every week and minor roads are swept by wards and cleaned ward by ward. Where cars are parked, it is not always possible to sweep or cleanse around them, in particular where there is a risk of damage to the parked car. We will look to add them to our deep cleanse schedule.

From time to time, there may be a build up of leaves, litter, or other debris between our routine sweeps. To request a sweeper on a public highway, please complete form above.


All road sweepers are fitted with a chemical sprayer to enable them to spray weeds after they have swept roads and pavements.

Private Road

Private roads are land that is not maintainable at the public expense irrespective of any access rights to the public. There should be a managing agent who should be carrying out cleaning and maintenance of the road/pathways.

You will not receive a reduction in your Council Tax if you live in a property on a private street. Council Tax is used to pay for all the services provided, not just for maintaining roads and footpaths.