Meals at Home

Delivering food and more

Meals at home provides more than just a tasty meal. For many, a daily visit from a friendly volunteer is just the kind of social interaction that can benefit a loved one by reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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What are the benefits of Meals at Home?

  • Supporting independent living
  • Available Monday to Friday
  • Frozen meals for weekends
  • Dinners, puddings and sandwiches
  • Combined shopping service
  • All dietary needs catered for

If you’re finding it harder to cook for yourself, or care for someone who still lives independently, having a home food delivery service could save you time and take the stress out of preparing a meal.

We cater for different dietary needs including vegetarians, diabetics, pureed, low fat, low salt, gluten free and cultural requirements such as halal. Just let us know what you need.

Commonly asked questions

How does it work?

Meals will be delivered hot to your door between 11am and 2pm Monday to Friday or on the week days that you prefer. We also offer a tea service consisting of freshly made sandwiches with either fruit, biscuits or cake. There are no deliveries during the weekend or on bank holidays, instead we arrange to deliver frozen meals so that you can cook them at home. The meals are wrapped in special foil that allow them to be cooked in the microwave as well as the oven.

The Meals at Home service delivers a choice of tasty and nutritious meals directly to your door five days a week. We cater for different dietary needs including vegetarians, diabetics, pureed, low fat, low salt, gluten free and cultural requirements such as halal. Just let us know what you need.  

Is there a sample menu?

 Dinner  Pudding  Sandwiches
 Shepherds pie  Apple and raspberry crumble  Sliced turkey and salad
 Steak and mushroom bake   Sticky toffee pudding  Tuna mayonnaise
 Chicken and leek hotpot  Sultana sponge  Cheese and tomato
 Cheesy vegetable bake  Stewed apple with custard  Sliced ham and salad
 Savory lamb dumplings  Baked fruit bread pudding  Egg and cress
 Fisherman's pie  Chocolate chip sponge  Corned beef and tomato
 Pork and root vegetable casserole  Cherry pie  Cheese and pickle

Do I need to install a keysafe?

There may be a need for you to provide people who come to your house on a regular basis with secure access to your home. These people may include family members, carers, home help, nurses, and community services. Having a keysafe fitted will mean that you do not have to give your keys to anyone. It is also handy if you accidently lock yourself out. A keysafe is a small metal constructed box with a coded push button keypad which is secured to the brickwork outside your property in a discreet place. The keysafe would contain your spare keys to your property. You would only give the keysafe code to visitors that you trust. Your trusted visitors would use the keysafe to access your property and put the keys back in the keysafe box after use. You can purchase or rent the keysafe from us and we can install this for you as well. 

Image of a keysafe Size: 10.5cms x 7cms

Size: 10.5cms x 7cms

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