Planning Applications Search

Due to necessary server maintenance this service will be unavailable on Tuesday 19 October 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If the matter your search enquiry relates to is a determined application and you would like to view documents which are not publicly available, please contact the Planning Service to make the necessary arrangements.

Coronavirus Planning Service Update

The Planning Service is continuing to receive Planning and Building Applications. We are continuing to provide the service of registering and processing applications however due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, planning applications may take longer to deal with than would normally be expected due to the need to ensure staff and public safety and to adhere to current Government guidelines and advise.

Where necessary we have modified our processes to make this possible. You may wish to continue to progress your planning or building matter, make applications or seek pre-application advice. The majority of decisions are undertaken under delegated authority. For those matters we are endeavouring to provide a business as usual service.