Changes to your account


If you are moving address it is important that you tell us when you move house so that we can ensure you are billed correctly. Please notify us of your change of address by completing the 'Moving Address Notification' form at the top of this page.

What will happen next?

You can notify of changes at anytime but we will be unable to process your request until 14 days before the change in circumstances. Once we have made the changes, you will be issued a revised bill as confirmation.

If you are moving from one Epsom & Ewell address to another

Once you've told us, we'll send you a revised bill showing anything you still owe for your old address along with details of what you owe for your new address. If you've overpaid for your old address, we will usually use the credit to reduce what you owe at your new address.
Your revised bill will tell you what your new instalments will be.

If you are moving into Epsom & Ewell

Tell us straight away so you will have more time to pay your bill. You must pay it by 31 March.
We charge you from the start date of your tenancy or the date you completed on the sale of the property.
Your old council will charge you up to the date you left their area - remember to tell them the date you moved so they get your charge right

If you are moving out of Epsom & Ewell

We charge you up to the date that your tenancy ends or the completion date of the sale of the property. Your new council will charge you from the day you move into their area - remember to tell them you have moved in so they can bill you at your new address.

If you are leaving the UK altogether email us at

If you would like to change the details of the people named on your bill

We can only add the names of people who have the same legal interest in the property as you e.g. joint tenants or if you are now occupying the property as a couple.

If this is the case please e-mail the details of the new people and the date from which they moved into the property to

If you would like to apply for a discount or exemption on your Council Tax, please visit our Discounts and exemptions page.