Refuse - weekly collection


Leave your bins out for collection in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6.30am on collection day. Please note we work as normal on bank holiday Mondays and Good Friday. What happens if a collection is missed?

Quick guide to what goes where

It's really important to put the right thing in the right bin. What can I do if the Council can't recycle it?

Weekly refuse collection

Your black refuse bin is for household waste that cannot be recycled using our other recycling services. You can use it to dispose of disposable nappies and incontinence waste. No food waste.

Your refuse must be fully contained within your black refuse bin with the lid closed, or it will not be collected. We do not accept side waste for refuse.

You cannot use this bin for:

Does it go to landfill?

The waste in your black refuse bin isn't sent to landfill. Instead, it is burned to generate electricity.

Afterwards, a very small amount of ash is left, which must be landfilled. But it's a very small amount and does no harm to the environment.

Why is it better to recycle where possible?

How big is the refuse bin?

Our standard size black refuse bin is 140 litres collected weekly. That gives you slightly more capacity than our old, pre-Big Switch refuse bin which was 240 litres collected fortnightly, equivalent to 120 litres per week.

Many residents still actually have a 180 litre black refuse bin, which was the standard black bin size pre-Big Switch. It would have been very expensive to replace with 140 litre versions when we did the Switch, so we left them in place at the time. But we will replace it with our current standard 140 litre version if it breaks or is lost. We'll put a sticker on the bin so you know.

Some residents had a larger 240 litre black bin before the Big Switch. Most of these were replaced during the Big Switch or soon after. But if you still have one we reserve the right to replace it with the standard 140 litre version.


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