Private sector leasing scheme

We have set up a new private sector leasing (PSL) scheme to allow us to assist local families in housing need whilst reducing the risks and hassle of renting for landlords.

  • We lease your property for a period of three to five years
  • You receive guaranteed rent, paid in advance, with no void periods
  • We manage your property and let it to local people in housing need
  • We carry out minor repairs up to the value of £500 per year
  • At the end of the agreement, we return the property to you in the same condition (minus fair wear and tear) as when the agreement started

Benefits for landlords

  • We manage your property
  • A single point of contact within the council
  • No inventory costs and regular property inspections
  • Right to Rent checks carried by the council
  • No need to register deposits with TDP schemes
  • No letting agent or management fees
  • Routine and major repairs can be undertaken on landlords’ behalf for a fee

Benefits for families and the local community

Local families benefit we are able to provide good quality temporary housing, which is in the local area. The alternative is often located out of the borough and can be some distance away, disrupting home life, work and school at what can already be a stressful time.

There is also a benefit for the local community as empty properties, which can blight an area, can be brought back into use.

We are confident that the PSL Scheme is good value and is relatively low risk when compared with letting the property on the open market.

If you are interested in the scheme and you have a property that you would like to offer to the council, please contact us using the online form.

Full details of the scheme can be found in our PSL landlord information pack and PSL landlord application form.

Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme

We are also currently looking for family sized properties in the borough to be used as part of the Syrian refugee resettlement scheme. If you feel you have a property you would like us to consider specifically for Syrian refugee families please contact