Driver's Licence - Hackney Carriage or Private Vehicle

Important note:

  • Persons who are in possession of a current Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Hackney Carriage Drivers Licence are authorised to drive both Epsom & Ewell Borough Council  licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles.
  • Persons who are in possession of a current Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Private Hire Drivers Licence are authorised to drive Epsom & Ewell Borough Council  licensed Private Hire Vehicles only.

The following guidance relates to applications for private hire driver licences only. If applying for a hackney carriage driver licence or if you have any other enquiries please contact

Before applying for a licence you should read our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy and our Convictions Policy (see documents section below). Application fees are non-refundable.


You be a 'fit and proper person' - which means your background and character will be checked. We will look at: 

  • medical fitness (drivers must evidence the meet the DVLA Group 2 standard of fitness for vocational drivers i.e. the same as for lorry or bus drivers)
  • driving record
  • criminal record and any other relevant information
  • right to work in the UK

Applicants must have held a full driver's licence (issued by DVLA or European Union Country) for three years.  Applicants who have held a full driver's licence between 1-3 years may be licensed if they provided a driving assessment certificate issued within the last 12 months from an approved provider - contact for further details

To apply to be a licensed driver you must initially e-mail copies of the following documents to . We will then contact you by phone for payment of the relevant fee (by debit or credit card only).

  • A completed application form (form available in the 'documents' section below)
  • an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS) (obtained via TaxiPlus)
  • confirmation that the driver is signed up to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service
  • a digital passport type photograph.
  • a medical form has been completed by your registered G.P (form available in the 'documents' section below).
  • Certificate of Safeguarding Awareness (see guidance available in the 'documents' section below)
  • Copies of UK driving licence
  • Copies of evidence of right to work in the UK
  • Certificate of good conduct from the relevant embassy if you have lived/worked outside the UK for more than 3 months continuously
  • Proof of ID

Once the application and supporting documentation has been provided and verified new drivers will be required to pass the knowledge test, including a test on English language proficiency (school run only drivers may not need to pass the local area test requirements).

Additional information

  • A licence holder/applicant must notify the Council, in writing and within seven days, if they change their name, address or operator. 
  • A licence holder/applicant must notify the issuing authority in writing within 48 hours of an arrest and release, charge or conviction of any sexual offence, any offence involving dishonesty or violence and any motoring offence (including penalty points).
  • Drivers should return their badge to the Council upon renewal or if they stop working for a private hire operator.
  • On licensing medicals are required every 5 years from the age of 45. Drivers over 65 years will be required to have a medical a medical every year.