Vehicle licence - Hackney Carriage or private hire vehicle

Apply for a Hackney Carriage or private vehicle licence

Please note Hackney Carriage Vehicles can only be driven by persons in possession of a current Hackney Carriage drivers licence.

What do I need to know?

Requirements in addition to the application form:

  • Appropriate fee.
  • The vehicle must be insured to undertake public hire and private hire (Hackney Carriage) or private hire (Private Hire Vehicle)
  • You must present an MOT certificate which is no more than eight weeks old from the date of application, an annual and interim inspections, an exception is made for vehicles which have covered less than 2000 miles
  • All vehicles which are being presented for first licensing may be no older than six years old from the date of application.  For older vehicles an exception may be made if the vehicle is considered by an authorising officer to be in an excellent condition.
  • Hackney Carriage - The vehicle must be fitted with a taximeter that must be capable of complying with licence condition and registering a fare scale approved by the Council.