Bronze Age Metal Smelting Part of the CBA Festival of Archaeology


Thu, 25/07/2024 - 12:00 to 14:00


12:00 to 14:00



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David Brooks

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020 8394 1734

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Bourne Hall Park
Spring Street
KT17 1UF

The Bronze Age is a key time in the history of Ewell, when spring takes on new meaning as a place where the gods lived, sending bubbling water from their world into this. The gods had to be kept on side in those uncertain times and gifts were thrown into the spring, including bright bronze axes. The living history display is filled with replica and reconstructed objects from prehistory and James is on-hand (dressed in accurate Bronze Age clothing of course!) to explain the archaeology behind it all. This display will be especially valuable for children who are studying prehistory in school. James is an accomplished and charismatic television performer, combining down-to-earth language with academic rigour and formidable practical skills. He will be smelting bronze axes in front of you very eye just as they did in the Bronze Age.

James Dilly at work