Government Procurement Cards

We publish here details of our spending on our Government procurement cards.  The Local Government Transparency Code 2014 sets the format and type of information to publish.

Information on Government procurement cards from June 2020 onwards can be found on Spotlight on Spend


PDF icon MAY 2020 CARDS.pdf162.4 KB
File MAY 2020 CARDS.csv5.9 KB
File APRIL 2020 CARDS.csv4.9 KB
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File March 2020 CARDS CSV.csv11.15 KB
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File February 2020 CARDS CSV.csv11.05 KB
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File JANUARY 2020 CSV.csv9.43 KB
PDF icon JANUARY 2020 PDF.pdf113.36 KB
File December 2019 cards CSV.csv8.36 KB
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File November 2019 cards CSV.csv12.64 KB
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File October 2019 cards CSV.csv10.01 KB
PDF icon October 2019 cards PDF.pdf117.89 KB
File September 2019 cards CSV.csv11.29 KB
PDF icon September 2019 cards PDF.pdf124.75 KB
File August 2019 cards CSV.csv10.22 KB
PDF icon August 2019 cards PDF.pdf115.32 KB
File July 19 cards CSV.csv11.68 KB
PDF icon July 19 cards PDF.pdf61.19 KB
File June 19 cards CSV.csv12.2 KB
PDF icon June 19 cards PDF.pdf91.23 KB
File May 19 cards.csv11.84 KB
PDF icon May 19 cards.pdf257.3 KB
File April 19 cards.csv10.96 KB
PDF icon April 19 cards.pdf124.47 KB
File March 19 cards.csv11.52 KB
PDF icon March 19 cards.pdf122.32 KB
File February 19 cards.csv8.47 KB
PDF icon February 19 cards.pdf99.49 KB
File January 19 cards.csv10.25 KB
PDF icon January 19 cards.pdf112.69 KB
File December 18 cards.csv9.7 KB
PDF icon December 18 cards.pdf105.54 KB
File November 18 cards.csv12.24 KB
PDF icon November 18 cards.pdf124.69 KB
File October 18 cards.csv11.36 KB
PDF icon October 18 cards.pdf123.71 KB
File September 18 cards.csv9.73 KB
PDF icon September 18 cards.pdf110.13 KB
File August 18 cards.csv10.82 KB
PDF icon August 18 cards.pdf106.84 KB
File July 18 cards.csv11.63 KB
PDF icon July 18 cards.pdf110.16 KB
File June 18 cards.csv9.49 KB
PDF icon June 18 cards.pdf57.47 KB
PDF icon May 18 cards.pdf136.45 KB
File May 18 cards.csv11.49 KB
PDF icon April 18 cards.pdf140.16 KB
Office spreadsheet icon April 18 cards.xls51.5 KB
PDF icon March 18 cards.pdf77.53 KB
File March 18 cards.csv13.93 KB
PDF icon February 18 cards.pdf143.98 KB
File February 18 cards.csv11.56 KB
PDF icon January 18 cards.pdf87.15 KB
File January 18 cards.csv16.05 KB
PDF icon December 17 cards.pdf80.3 KB
File December 17 cards.csv14.16 KB
PDF icon November 17 cards.pdf79.14 KB
File November 17 cards.csv14.54 KB
PDF icon October 17 cards.pdf138.94 KB
File October 17 cards.csv13.03 KB
PDF icon September17 cards.pdf82.96 KB
File September17 cards.csv13.77 KB
PDF icon August 17 cards.pdf83.67 KB
File August 17 cards.csv13.29 KB
PDF icon July17 cards.pdf84.17 KB
File July17 cards.csv15.24 KB
PDF icon June 17 cards.pdf144.53 KB
File June 17 cards.csv17.47 KB
PDF icon May 17 cards.pdf17.58 KB
File May 17 cards.csv13.63 KB
PDF icon April 17 cards.pdf138.81 KB
Office spreadsheet icon April 17 cards.xls53.5 KB
PDF icon March 17 cards.pdf75.45 KB
File March 17 cards.csv12.41 KB
PDF icon February 17 cards.pdf74.02 KB
File February 17 cards.csv9.25 KB
PDF icon January 17 cards.pdf79.37 KB
File January 17 cards.csv14.08 KB
PDF icon December 16 cards.pdf76.43 KB
File December 16 cards.csv9.88 KB
PDF icon November 16 cards.pdf80.68 KB
File November 16 cards.csv14.3 KB
PDF icon October 16 cards.pdf80.64 KB
File October 16 cards.csv13.62 KB
PDF icon September 16 cards.pdf79.13 KB
File September 16 cards.csv12.66 KB
PDF icon August 2016 cards.pdf73.59 KB
File August 2016 cards.csv8.74 KB
PDF icon July 2016 cards.pdf138.36 KB
File July 2016 cards.csv11.62 KB
PDF icon June 2016 cards.pdf75.62 KB
File June 2016 cards.csv10.75 KB
PDF icon May 2016 cards.pdf136.49 KB
Office spreadsheet icon May 2016 cards.xls48.5 KB
PDF icon April 2016 cards.pdf191.26 KB
File April 2016 cards.csv13.69 KB
PDF icon March 16 cards.pdf115.65 KB
File March 16 cards.csv9.03 KB
PDF icon February 2016 cards.pdf124.14 KB
File February 2016 cards.csv9.71 KB
PDF icon January 2016 cards.pdf120.28 KB
File January 2016 cards.csv10.26 KB
PDF icon December 15 cards.pdf100.63 KB
File December 15 cards.csv2.81 KB
PDF icon November 15 cards.pdf188.56 KB
File November 15 cards.csv12.09 KB
PDF icon October2015 cards.pdf97.37 KB
File October2015 cards.csv9.83 KB
PDF icon September cards.pdf73.45 KB
File September cards.csv5.91 KB
PDF icon August cards.pdf129.62 KB
File August cards.csv9.88 KB
PDF icon July cards.pdf118.28 KB
File July cards.csv13.88 KB
PDF icon June cards.pdf146.27 KB
File June cards.csv16.97 KB
PDF icon May2015 cards.pdf130.52 KB
File May2015 cards.csv15.27 KB
PDF icon April 15 cards.pdf117.71 KB
File April 2015 cards.csv12.29 KB
PDF icon March cards.pdf128.27 KB
File March cards.csv13.91 KB
PDF icon February cards.pdf111.96 KB
File February cards.csv11.4 KB
PDF icon January cards.pdf123.74 KB
File January cards.csv12.85 KB