Draft Local Plan consultation 2022-2040

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The public consultation on our Draft Local Plan is now live and runs until 19 March 2023. Give us your views on the plan. 

 Have your say on the draft local plan

Supporting documents are available on the Planning consultations webpage and Evidence Base webpages.

A New Local Plan

The Council is preparing a new Local Plan to strengthen our borough’s future, while also delivering new homes, jobs, improved transport and green spaces. Formed in consultation with residents, the new Local Plan will put in place a clear strategy to bring investment, growth and prosperity to the borough. It will also set out strong guidance about the type of growth we expect to see, protecting the borough from ad hoc and inappropriate development.

We are developing a new Local Plan which will ensure that Epsom and Ewell continues to evolve as a modern market borough, which offers a special and unique place for people to live, work, learn and enjoy themselves.

The borough’s previous Local Plan and related strategies were successful in helping to mould the borough into the welcoming and successful place that it is today.  The new Local Plan will have a similar role, responding to the latest challenges we face as a borough and listening to the views of local people to help shape an even better future for decades to come.

The importance of an updated Local Plan

Recent announcements by central government have caused some councils to pause their Local Plans while they wait for clarification on if, or how, government policy may change. However, our Draft Local Plan is ready for public consultation, and the reasons to continue far outweigh any reason to pause.

The Draft Local Plan has been developed through a robust and extensive evidenced-based approach. We believe it provides a framework for the borough to grow in a strong and positive way, so everyone will have the opportunity to live in an affordable, vibrant area with a growing economy.

It is vital that we address critical issues in the borough such as affordable housing. The Draft Local Plan will provide a significant number of affordable homes for current residents including local families and keyworkers, and it will protect the ability of our young people to afford homes in the future. Not only that; it will help us to meet the needs of residents who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Plan also focuses on supporting businesses, creating jobs, infrastructure improvements, environmental protection and leisure development, all of which are essential to allow our borough to thrive.

Green Belt

The Draft Local Plan takes a ‘brownfield first’ approach and seeks to make as much use as possible of existing suitable brownfield sites. However, these alone do not provide sufficient sites and therefore the Draft Plan does propose a small percentage of Green Belt release. This has not been an easy decision, but without following this course of action, we would not be doing enough to help meet the housing needs of local people now and in the future. The sites proposed lie adjacent to existing residential areas, lowering the risk of adverse impacts on the landscape, and the focus will be on empathetic design, quality builds and environmentally sustainable homes.

Shaped by you

The Draft Local Plan is our starting point. We need our residents, businesses and local stakeholders to tell us if we’ve got it right or not across all the topics covered by the Local Plan, and if not, how should the draft Local Plan be changed. The public consultation is critical in the development of the Local Plan and we urge you to give your views. After the consultation there will doubtless be changes and refinements needed before the next iteration of the Plan is released.

Consultation on the draft Local Plan (2022-2040) opened on the 1 February 2023 and concludes on 19 March 2023. 

 Have your say on the draft local plan