Drainage, sewage and drinking water

Drainage, sewage and drinking water

Responsibility for drains and sewers.

The main sewer in the road and those lateral drains leading to them are the responsibility of the sewerage undertaker - in this area Thames Water.  Drains serving one property only (most commonly the pipes leading to the lateral drains) are the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the property which it serves. 

For further information or to report a blockage contact  Thames Water

Septic tanks, cesspools and pits

Owners and occupiers are responsible for ensuring that the tank is fully watertight and is emptied on a regular basis by a licensed contractor who disposes of the contents at a sewage treatment works.  It is an offence to permit a cesspool or septic tank to leak, overflow or produce an effluent that is prejudicial to health or is a nuisance. Further information is available from the Environment Agency.

Drinking water

If you have a problem with your drinking water, you should contact your water company. 

Thames Water

Sutton and East Surrey Water

Further Information
How to maintain acceptable taste and appearance of your drinking water can be found at Water UK