Local history walk Heart of Epsom


Sat, 20/07/2019


19:30 to 21:00


£5 per person

Contact name: 

David Brooks


+44 20 8394 1734

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Meet at the Clock Tower
Market Place
KT19 8EB

See beneath Epsom’s genteelsurface and stroll around itsancient centre discovering on yourway the dark deeds, wrongdoingsand ghosts of days gone past. Hear tales about Epsom’s own highwaymanand the life of the evil Lord Rochester, together with the even more wickedLord Lyttleton. Relive the time when Epsom’s spa was at the height of fashionand decide for yourself if you would have liked to visit and spend a night inthe town. Come and be haunted by ghostly stories and visit the haunted clocktower. Discover the not so ancient past and see where rioting soldiers led tothe death of a brave local policeman. Meet at the Clock Tower KT19 8EB

Epsom's first clock tower