Trees and Hedges

There are around 140,000 trees within Epsom and Ewell, of which 41,000 are on Council land or 61,000 when including co-managed sites. Tree coverage in the borough is about double the national average and provides important landscape, biodiversity and amenity benefits.

Protecting trees

Tree Preservation Orders are made by Councils to protect important trees and woodland. Nearly 400 trees within the borough are protected by such orders. The main effect of an Order is to prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping or wilful damage or destruction of protected trees without permission.

Separately, all trees within a Conservation Area are protected Section 211 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Tree works

You can use the Council’s maps to check whether a tree is TPO protected, making sure that the ‘Tree Preservation Order’ and ‘Conservation Area’ boxes are checked.

To apply for consent to cut down, top, lop or uproot any tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) apply online or download a form from the Planning Portal. Applications are free. If the tree falls on land that is not within your ownership, we will notify the landowner who is allowed to comment. The Council will make a decision within 40 working days. Appeal rights are available by the Planning Inspectorate.

You must also apply to cut down, top, lop or uproot any tree within a conservation area where the tree has a stem over 75mm in diameter measured at 1.5m above ground level or where they are subject to a restrictive planning condition. We will only object if it is felt that the tree is worthy of being subject to a Tree Preservation Order. If we do not provide a response within 42 working days, you can conclude that there is no objection. Replacement planting will normally be specified.

Consent is not required to undertake works to a tree that is dangerous or dead, but you must give five working days notice by contacting us.

Requesting a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

If you are of the view that a tree should be protected, you can make a request by contacting us. We will then consider the merits. The owner of the land will then be given an opportunity to consider the making of the TPO and they can appeal the TPO if one is made.

Urgent works

If you need to report an issue with a Council tree, please contact us. Many of the trees within the highway fall within land owned and managed by Surrey County Council. Requests relating to these trees can be reported here.


Additional information is available at FAQs or the Planning Portal.

The Arboricultural Association gives advice on finding a tree surgeon or consultant.

The Forestry Commission has information on the die back of Ash trees and Oak processionary moth.

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