Christmas and New Year collections

All collections are as normal up to and including Friday 23 December.

No garden waste collections during Christmas or New Year's weeks

As usual, there will be no garden waste collections during Christmas week (week commencing Monday 26 December) or New Year's week (week commencing Monday 2 January). 

Normal garden waste collection schedules resume week commencing Monday 9 January. Click here or check your garden waste calendar for details of when garden waste collections resume in your road.

Christmas week

IMPORTANT: As usual, there are no refuse collections during Christmas week. Leave these bins out ONLY:


Food   Recycling   Glass

CHECK YOUR COLLECTION DAY - Christmas week collections will take place as follows:

Monday 26 December Wednesday 28 December 
Tuesday 27 December Wednesday 28 December 
Wednesday 28 December Thursday 29 December 
Thursday 29 December Normal collection day
Friday 30 December Normal collection day

New Year's week

IMPORTANT: Normal refuse collections start again in New Year's week. Put these bins out:


Food   Recycling   Glass     Refuse

New Year's week collections take place on their normal collection day:

Monday 2 January Normal collection day
Tuesday 3 January Normal collection day
Wednesday 4 January Normal collection day
Thursday 5 January Normal collection day
Friday 6 January Normal collection day

We return to full, normal collection schedules including normal, fortnightly garden waste recycling schedules on Monday 9 January.

Real Christmas tree recycling

In January we offer free real Christmas tree recycling for all residents. This is a fortnightly service - check your Christmas bin label for details of when real Christmas tree collections happen in your road.

Remove all decorations and leave your real Christmas tree next to your bins on your real Christmas tree recycling day.

Don't cut up your tree - it's easier for us to collect whole.

Quick guide to what you can recycle, and where

Click the green button below to check whether you can recycle something.

Where can I recycle it?