Alzheimer's Disease International state that dementia is surrounded by stigma and myth. Many people see the early symptoms of dementia as a normal consequence of ageing and therefore do not come forward for the help and support that is available. Recognising the symptoms of dementia is the first step towards receiving a diagnosis. A diagnosis can help to reduce the anxiety of people with dementia and their family, allow a greater chance to benefit from existing treatments, access resources and information and provide more time to plan for the future.

Ten early symptoms of dementia:

1. Memory loss
2. Difficulty in performing everyday tasks
3. Problems with language
4. Disorientation to time and place
5. Poor or decreased judgment
6. Problems with keeping track of things
7. Misplacing things
8. Changes in mood or behaviour
9. Changes in personality
10. Loss of initiative.

If you or a family member are experiencing any of the above symptoms then check it out with your doctor as soon as possible. These symptoms do not necessarily mean you are suffering from dementia. Your doctor will check to see if the symptoms could be an indicator of something else and also investigate further if required.

Download the Dementia Friendly Surrey myth busting guide for some facts about dementia.

Take a look at the Alzheimer's Society for more information about dementia.

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For further support check out the Surrey County Council care and support for adults page.

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