Epsom and Ewell Council offers a pre application service for any type of application. Advice is given in writing and if requested and paid for, would include a meeting or follow up advice. If you seek advice about whether a proposal would be permitted development, it is recommended that a Certificate of Lawfulness is submitted.

Epsom and Ewell will not provide highways advice as this falls within the remit of Surrey County Council. A separate application to SCC will be required for highway matters.


There is no minimum standard for the information to be submitted with a pre application but the level of detail provided in the Council’s pre application advice depends on the information submitted. As a minimum, we recommend scaled drawings and any other information you believe would help the assessment. The Council’s Local List provides guidance for documentation that would be required.


Pre application requests can be submitted by completing the online form or by completing the hardcopy form which can be emailed to or posted to Epsom and Ewell Borough Council, Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY.


The fee schedule depends on the complexity of the application and whether a meeting is required. Fees will be next updated in April 2024. Where requests cover more than one proposal/option, we reserve the right to charge two fees. Exemptions to fees are on a case by case basis but normally limited to proposals from non-profit-making community bodies and other charitable organisations.

Payment can be made by cheque (sent to the address above) or credit/debit card online or by contacting Customer Services on 01372 732000. Processing of the pre application will not occur until the fee is paid.

No refund will be issued after a review of the pre application has commenced, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Service Standard

Written responses to the majority of enquiries will be provided within 25 working days of receiving the fee. Meetings, if requested, will be arranged by mutual agreement, either at the time of the site inspection or before or after the issuing of written responses. This is normally confirmed within 10 working days. We will respond to any emails received in relation to the pre application within 5 working days. We will advise you if we are unable to meet these timescales.

Freedom of Information

Disclosure of pre-planning application advice is subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information/Environmental Information legislation. If you have indicated that any of the information is confidential or commercially sensitive, we will have regard to this but the final decision on whether or not the information is exempt from disclosure rests with the Council.


Planning officers can only give a professional opinion on the merits of a pre-application scheme. We may include officers from other specialist disciplines from within the Council. We will base our advice on the information supplied, current law and relevant planning policies
The advice given represents an officer's informal opinion based on the information you have supplied and is not intended to bind the local planning authority's decision-making powers on any formally submitted planning application.

All submitted applications will be the subject of publicity and consultation in accordance with statutory requirements and the Council's procedures. These, and any other matters which subsequently come to light, may result in additional issues being raised that are pertinent to the determination of the application. It should also be noted that subsequent alterations to local and national planning policies may affect the advice given.