Information Requests - COVID-19 UPDATE

Our response to Freedom of Information Requests (FOIs), Environmental Information Regulation requests (EIRs) and Subject Access Requests (SARs) may take longer for us to complete at the moment because of COVID-19 implications.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has advised that although they are unable to extend statutory timescales, they will advise people that they may experience understandable delays when making information requests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is your request essential?

While your statutory right of access remains unchanged, our resources may be diverted away from usual compliance or information requests work at this time. Therefore, we would ask that where possible, before submitting any information requests you check our website first, as it may be already published and available, and consider whether your request is essential.  If you cannot find the information, or require copies of your own information under a subject access request, please be aware that under current circumstances and given our need to prioritise essential services to ensure the wellbeing of our residents, you may experience a delay in our response.

Because the national guidance is that people should work from home wherever possible and not come into the office unless absolutely essential, we would request that if you would like to make an information request you do so by email instead of post to

Prioritising essential services

Whilst we are prioritising essential services, and following guidance from the ICO, we will endeavour to answer information requests as soon as resources allow. We apologise that at this time we will not be able to advise each requestor individually as to whether their request has been impacted and the response delayed. We will also be keeping up to date on guidance from the ICO as the situation changes to ensure that we comply with any changes or amendments to information rights practice.

For further information on your information rights at this time please see