Discharge of conditions applications

Often approval is granted subject to conditions which must be complied with prior to the development starting on site or any other stage of the development such as first use or occupation.

The information required within each condition should be formally submitted via the Planning Portal with the relevant fee (£43 for a householder application or £145 for anything else). You can submit a discharge application for more than one condition or separately to reflect each stage of the development.

Whether we contact you to seek further information is on a case by case basis as it will depend on the quality of the information submitted with the discharge application and the complexity of the information required to resolve any issues. The Council reserves the right to refuse a discharge application if the information is deficient and does not satisfy the requirements of the condition.

Decisions may take up to eight weeks, or longer if external consultation is required. Once the details have been approved in writing, the development should be carried out only in accordance with those details. Commencement of the development without complying with the pre-commencement/occupation requirements may be liable to enforcement action.