Strategic CIL Funding

Strategic (SCIL) Fund

CIL is a levy that allows the Council to raise funds from developers in recognition of the fact that new development creates pressure on the borough’s infrastructure.  CIL must be used by authorities for funding infrastructure to support the development of its area as set out in Regulation 59 of The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (Amended) (“The CIL Regulations”).

Infrastructure is defined in The Planning Act 2008. It has a broad definition including transport, flood defences, schools, hospitals, health, and social care facilities. As such CIL can be used to fund a wide variety of facilities such as play areas, parks, and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities and district heating.

The Council’s CIL spending protocol sets out how CIL spending is administered in Epsom and Ewell.  

On the 18 January 2024 the Councils Licencing and Planning Policy Committee approved the Epsom and Ewell CIL Spending Protocol, this document sets out the Epsom and Ewell Borough specific protocol governing the process and criteria for selecting infrastructure projects for funding through CIL.  When completing a SCIL bid application form please read alongside the CIL Spending Protocol and Interim Infrastructure Plan, as this sets out the guidance and criteria required for your SCIL bid application.

From the 7th May 2024 to 18th June 2024, stakeholders involved in development and in delivery of infrastructure are invited to submit proposals for consideration by the Council in accordance with the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended), Interim IDP and the CIL spending Protocol adopted 18 January 2024.

This process will be undertaken annually, below is an indicative timetable:

Date  Process


Engagement with internal and external infrastructure providers 


Update to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan 

May - June 

Bidding open 


Assessment of bids by CIL MWG 


Spending Decision made (Funding proposal) by LPPC 


Notification of outcome 

To submit a bid for CIL funding please complete a strategic CIL funding application form 2024 below which is available in two formats. Forms must be returned by the end of 18 June 2024