Epsom & Ewell Borough Council responds to ULEZ consultation


Tuesday, 2 August, 2022

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) has responded to Transport for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) consultation.


TFL’s proposal is to expand the ULEZ to all London boroughs, including Kingston-upon-Thames and Sutton. This means eight out of the 13 wards in the borough will border the ULEZ and be directly affected. The Council anticipates the remaining wards will also be impacted by increased parking demand and use of side streets by non-exempt vehicle owners.


The following response was agreed by members at Full Council on 28 July:

  1. Provision is required for exempt routes which enable access to essential places and roads such as:
    1. A3, M25, A240.
    2. Facilities, e.g. the existing St Helier in Sutton.
    3. SW Region stations and other transport hubs that at present are outside the ULEZ but require EEBC residents to pass through the proposed ULEZ to reach them.
  2. Owners of non-exempt vehicles in EEBC to be included in any scrappage scheme that the Mayor of London is requesting from central government for London borough residents.
  3. The consultation period of two months should be extended until 31 December 2022 to allow more careful analysis of the cause and effect to the welfare and economy of the boroughs.


Councillor John Beckett, Chair of Environment and Safe Communities Committee, said: “We support the move to reduce high levels of air pollution, which the ULEZ scheme aims to achieve. However, owing to the acute economic pressure households and business are facing at this time, the scheme needs to consider the economic, social and mental health needs of all communities affected by this scheme, not just London boroughs.”