Transforming the heart of Epsom

Latest news: Market Place works to continue

To support local businesses and retailers, we are working in partnership with Surrey County Council as they start the planned work on the North High Street footway next week. This follows guidance from the government stating that construction work should continue if it will benefit the economy.

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Planting the Market Place

Over many centuries the Market Place has been a centre for congregation and traffic which has taken its toll on the subsoil compacting it into a hostile anaerobic environment for tree growth.

In the 1980s, the re-development of the Market Place saw a further surface laid on top of the old road. Later trees were planted through these hard surfaces and despite having planting pits they failed to flourish. The previous trees rooted into the confines of their planting pits and became effectively bonsaied, as roots and branches could spread no further.

Following consultation, the bold step was taken to remove the struggling trees and start again.

So why have we been digging in the Market Place so long? Well one of the reasons is we have been improving the underground substrate for the new trees. Compacted layers of subsoil have been removed and replaced with large volumes of special tree soil held within an underground cellular system. To supplement the available rooting volumes supersize planting pits have now been created.

The planting layout has been carefully designed to avoid underground services and ensure the trees have generous growing space above ground. Continue reading this article in this edition of Borough Insight