Simply Weekly Recycling survey results

We recently asked you to tell us what you think of Simply Weekly Recycling. We wanted to know how you feel about the service, a year on from the Big Switch.

You told us that:

  • The vast majority of respondents (96%) found it easy or very easy to understand the Big Switch, and to use the service thereafter.
  • The vast majority of respondents (90%) are satisfied or very satisfied with the service.
  • Nearly half of respondents said they recycle more with Simply Weekly Recycling. You might like to know that recycling has continued to rise since the Big Switch, bucking the trend of falling recycling generally in Surrey. Thank you.
  • A quarter of respondents said clearer guidance would help them recycle more. So we are sending out a new recycling guide to all houses, with a little more information than last time. You can download it below. We hope it's helpful.

That's just a snapshot of the survey's headline findings. The full survey can be downloaded below.

Thank you to everyone who responded - we were delighted with how many people took the trouble to do so. And thank you for recycling. Your efforts really do make a difference.