Planning performance agreements (PPAs)

Planning performance agreements

Planing performance agreements are designed to address some common problems encountered during the planning process, such as timescales, resources, and the quality of applications and decisions. PPAs provide a framework and a collaborative and project management approach for delivering good quality planning and development outcomes.

Some key potential benefits of using a PPA include:

  • establishing a better understanding of a project's needs, including management of resources, and the scope of collaborative working;
  • setting a realistic timetable relevant for the size and complexity of the application and defining key milestones
  • minimising the risks and costs of appeal
  • enabling identification of problems and a method of reviewing these
  • providing a formal mechanism for parties, including key stakeholders, to collaborate.

When should a PPA be proposed?

We recommend that discussions about the use of a PPA should start during the pre application stage of the development, however we are happy to enter into a PPA at any stage of the pre- application process, up to and including the date of submission. Our current fees and charges can be found here.

Further guidance on the pre- application and PPA process is available here.

What is the best approach to agreeing the scope of a PPA?

We have drafted a standard agreement setting out our preferred approach.  Applicants are required to draft a version of this document and submit this to us when requesting a PPA. This is the starting point for the process.

If you require further information before submitting a PPA please contact our Customer Services Team and request to speak to the Planning Development Manager.