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The preparation of Epsom & Ewell Borough Council's Development Plan Documents will be informed by an evidence base.

Studies currently available can be viewed below.

Housing, Conservation Areas and Character

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2009)
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (pdf - 1.07mb)
Appendix 1 Methodology (pdf - 416kb)
Appendix 2 Representations to the call for sites exercise (pdf - 4.18mb)
Appendix 3 Notes from internal meetings (pdf - 78.9kb)
Appendix 4 SHLAA Newsletter (pdf - 23kb)
Appendix 5 Evidence of Engagement (pdf - 526kb)
Appendix 6a Schedule of Sites (pdf - 152kb)
Appendix 6b Site Survey Forms (pdf - 1.71mb)
Appendix 6 Auriol Ward Map (pdf - 5.97mb)
Appendix 6 College Ward Map (pdf - 4.86mb)
Appendix 6 Court Ward Map (pdf - 4.7mb)
Appendix 6 Cuddington Ward Map (pdf - 4.75mb)
Appendix 6 Ewell Court Ward Map (pdf - 5.86mb)
Appendix 6 Ewell Ward Map (pdf - 4.5mb)
Appendix 6 Nonsuch Ward Map (pdf - 4.28mb)
Appendix 6 Ruxley Ward Map (pdf - 4.06mb)
Appendix 6 Stamford Ward Map (pdf - 4.87mb)
Appendix 6 Stoneleigh Ward Map (pdf - 6.63mb)
Appendix 6 Town Ward Map (pdf - 6.55mb)
Appendix 6 West Ewell Ward Map (pdf - 5.83mb)
Appendix 6 Woodcote Ward Map (pdf - 3.67mb)
Appendix 7a All Sites North (Cat 1 to 5) (pdf - 2.79mb)
Appendix 7b All Sites South (Cat 1 to 5) (pdf - 2.08mb)
Appendix 8a All Sites North (Cat 1 to 3) (pdf - 2.69mb)
Appendix 8b All Sites South (Cat 1 to 3) (pdf - 2.04mb)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2008)
Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2008 (pdf - 1.55mb)
East Surrey Housing Market Update Report 2009 (pdf - 92.8kb)

Housing Needs Study (2004 and update 2006)
Housing Needs Study 2004 (pdf - 457kb)
Housing Needs Study Update 2006 (pdf - 228kb)

Surrey Housing Potential Study (2005)
Surrey Housing Potential Study 2005 (pdf - 271kb)

Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans
Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans

Environmental Character Study (2008)
Environmental Character Study

Characterisation of the Area Study (2005)
Characterisation of the Area Study (pdf - 635kb)


East Street Office Demand Study (2013)
Office Demand Study 2013 (pdf - 2.68mb)

Employment Land Review - Assessment of the Existing Portfolio for Meeting Future Requirements (2012)

Employment Land Review 2012 (pdf - 2.40mb)

Employment Land Review (2006)
Employment Land Review 2006 (pdf - 251kb)


Retail Study and Town Centre Health Check Update (2015)
Final Report August 2015
Appendices (tables)
Plan 1    Plan 2    Plan 3    Plan 4    Plan 5    Plan 6

Primary Retail Frontages Study (2015)
Primary Retail Frontages Study 2015 (pdf - 1.98mb)

Local Centre Study (2012)
Local Centre Study July 2012 (pdf - 3.16mb)

Retail Study and Town Centre Health Check (2009)
Final Report April 2009- Main text (pdf - 2.87mb)
Plans 1- 3 (pdf - 1.62mb)
Plans 4- 5 (pdf - 1.37mb)
Plan 6 (pdf - 508kb)
Plans 7-15 (pdf - 7.39mb)
Plans 16-23 (pdf - 5.88mb)
Appendices (pdf - 7.39mb)

Retail Study (2007)
Retail Study - Full Report (pdf - 2.87mb)
Retail Study - Executive Summary (pdf - 114kb)
Retail Study - Annexes 1 to 3 (pdf - 498kb)
Retail Study - Annex 4 (pdf - 69.2kb)

Survey of shopping centres (2007) (pdf - 2.35mb)

Epsom Town Centre Pedestrian footfall data
2001 Survey Data (exc - 130kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.77mb)
2002 Survey Data (exc - 138kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.77mb)
2003 Survey Data (exc - 138kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.76mb)
2004 Survey Data (exc - 139kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.76mb)
2005 Survey Data (exc - 145kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.76mb)
2006 Survey Data (exc - 138kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.80mb)
2007 Survey Data (exc - 142kb) Survey Points (pdf - 2.78mb)

Thermal Mapping (pdf - 114kb)

Open Space

Open Space Audit (2006)
(Please note: Due to the size of the Open Space Audit, this document is available to download in sections. Appendix Q is not available electronically)
Open Space Audit Sections 1-5 (pdf - 1.28mb)
Open Space Audit Sections 6-9 (pdf - 3.79mb)
Open Space Audit Sections 10-15 (pdf - 1.40mb)
Open Space Audit Appendices A-G (pdf - 390kb)
Open Space Audit Appendices H-L (pdf - 951kb)
Open Space Audit Appendices M-P (pdf - 334kb)

Flood Risk

Surface Water Management Plan (2011)
Surface Water Management Plan (2011)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) (2008)
Since the SFRA was published, the Environment Agency has amended the flood zones for the Borough. The most up to date flood zones can be viewed on the Environment Agency's website. These should be viewed in conjunction with the SFRA. The maps are being amended to reflect the new flood zones and the website will be amended as these are ready.

Main text (pdf - 426kb)
Appendix A (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 2.88mb)
Appendix B (updates Feb 2010) (pdf - 2.85mb)
Appendix C (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 3.45mb)
Appendix D (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 9.45mb)
Appendix E (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 3.85mb)
Appendix F (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 3.97mb)
Appendix G (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 3.32mb)
Appendix H (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 5.73mb)
Appendix I-J (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 50.3kb)
Appendix K (updated Feb 2010) (pdf - 2.10mb)


Parking Strategy (2012)
Parking Strategy 2012 (pdf - 923kb)


Biodiversity and Planning in Epsom & Ewell
In 2009 the Council published the Epsom & Ewell Biodiversity Action Plan. As one of the outcomes of this, the Council has prepared a guidance document to assist the Council, developers and residents in ensuring that the Borough's biodiversity is protected and enhanced when new development takes place
Biodiversity and Planning in Epsom & Ewell (pdf - 5.6mb)

Sites of Nature Conservation Interest Review (2013)
Sites of Nature Conservation Interest Review 2013

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Study (2013)
Green Infrastructure Study 2013 (pdf - 2.26mb)

Landscape Character Assessment (2015)
LCA Main Report
LCA Figures 1 to 9
LCA Figures 10 to 11
LCA Figure 12
LCA Appendix A

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