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The Site Allocations Policies Document forms an important part of our Local Plan that will eventually replace the Epsom & Ewell Local Plan (2000). It includes a site allocations for new housing, employment land, shopping, community and transport uses.  It will also set out our Borough-wide strategies in relation to Green Infrastructure and our Heritage Assets. 

The Site Allocations Policies Document will function in parallel with the Development Management Policies Document to deliver the Core Strategy.

Work on the Site Allocations Policies Document has been underway since September 2006 when people were asked to identify potential sites for future development. The Site Allocations Paper (pdf - 156kb) can be viewed and a summary of the responses are available below:

Responses batch 1 (pdf - 2.66mb)

Responses batch 2 (pdf - 1.65mb)

Responses batch 3 (pdf - 1.64mb)

Responses batch 4 (pdf - 1.95mb)

Responses batch 5 (pdf - 2.1mb)

National Trust further response (pdf - 45kb)

Subsequently we consulted on an initial Issues and Options Paper during March and April 2008. A copy of the Issues and Options Paper (pdf - 3.74mb) and the responses (pdf - 338kb) received are available to view.

During September 2009, the Council's Planning Policy Sub Committee received a report which set out a series of draft policy options prepared in response to comments made during the initial Issues consultation stage. The Committee also agreed that these options be further developed and be subject to public consultation.

In April 2010 the Planning Policy Sub Committee agreed that consultation would take the form of three separate stages that would address policy options for the following:

  • Housing Land Supply
  • Site Specific Housing Policies
  • Other Site Specific Policies (including green infrastructure, employment land and shopping).
Housing Land Supply Strategy (HLSS) Consultation 2010

The Government has stated that local authorities must meet their housing needs and must identify specific sites for new homes. They have also set out how local authorities should go about this. In response, we identified three strategy options to do this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Council ran a consultation on the HLSS from Friday 1 October to Friday 31 December 2010. Following the consultation, the Council's Strategy and Resources Committee endorsed Strategy 1 as the Council's preferred housing land supply strategy. The Council's strategy is therefore:

'Build all of our future homes in the existing urban area'.

The consultation document can be viewed below and comments received can be viewed through the Council's consultation portal.

Executive summary (pdf - 20kb)
Consultation paper (pdf - 144kb)

Housing Site Allocations Consultation 2011

Upon confirming our Housing Land Supply Strategy we consulted on a series of possible housing site options.  These formed the basis of the Housing Site Allocations Paper, which was available for public consultation during the period from 1 August to 24 October 2011.

Consultation Portal
Housing Site Allocations Consultation Paper (pdf - 8.53mb)
Response Form (Word Doc - 195kb)
Sustainability Appraisal (pdf - 1.58mb)

The results of the Consultation were reported to the Council's Planning Policy Sub-Committee during February 2012.  A copy of the Report to the Sub-Committee (pdf - 207kb) is available.  It also incorporates an overview of the responses received during the consultation. The Minutes (pdf - 21kb) of the February 2012 Planning Policy Sub-Committee are also available. These set out our preferred housing site allocations, following the public consultation exercise.

Other Sites Consultation 2013

The Council ran a consultation on other sites between Monday 28 October 2013 until Monday 6 January 2014.  This identified site allocations for other necessary land uses, such as green infrastructure, heritage assets, employment and retail sites, and transport improvements. 

The results of the Consultation were reported to the Council's Planning Policy Committee on 19 February 2014.  

Other Sites Consultation Paper (pdf - 7.31mb)
Sustainability Appraisal - Other Sites (pdf- 2.77mb)

Site Allocations Policies Document Pre-Submission Draft 2015

The Council has published and consulted upon a Pre-Submission Draft of the Site Allocations Policies Document. This document identifies and allocates the land needed to: deliver our green infrastructure and heritage assets strategies; meet our future commercial needs; secure key pieces of community infrastructure; and deliver the Kiln Lane Link. This document does not contain any housing site allocations.

The consultation ran from 2 November 2015 until 14 December 2015.  
It is anticipated the document will be submitted for formal examination in early 2016.

Site Allocations Policies Document Pre-Submission Draft 2015


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