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The Conservators consist of six Borough Councillors (elected for a four year term after each Borough election), three representatives of the racecourse and one from the racehorse trainers. They are responsible for the maintenance and control of the Downs and the cost of this is split in the same proportion as the representation (ie, the Council bears 60%). The Conservators' principal powers are to preserve the Downs in their natural state of beauty and to maintain the public's right of access for air and exercise on foot over the Downs (subject to that not interfering with the race horse training activities).

The Downs Consultative Committee is purely advisory and deals with a range of matters reflecting its membership. It was set up originally in 1984 to give hack riders a voice, but since then its membership has been extended to other users of the Downs including ramblers, model aircraft flyers, cyclists, the Epsom Civic Society, the Residents Associations from the areas adjoining the Downs as well as the Racecourse, racehorse trainers, the Conservators and the Borough Council. The Consultative Committee meets twice a year and its meetings are open to the public as are all quarterly Conservators meetings.

On a day to day basis the Downs are managed by a dedicated team of seven Downskeepers who have responsibility for maintaining and patrolling the whole of the Downs other than the line of the Racecourse itself and the Golf Club.

For more information, please visit the Epsom and Walton Downs webpage or contact Committee Services on 01372 732000.
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