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How to claim

This section gives you guidance on making a claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support. Please contact us on 01372 732269 for help if you are in any doubt about making a claim. We can give you advice or answer any questions you might have.

How to make a claim on behalf of someone else

If someone is unable to manage their affairs, they can appoint someone to act on their behalf.

This appointee is then responsible for everything relating to the claim. This includes signing all forms and reporting changes of circumstance. Appointees have specific duties and may be liable, for example, for the repayment of any overpayments.

If a person would like an appointee to act for them, they must complete the authority form by following the link below.

Link to Benefits appointee form (pdf - 24kb)

Will I qualify for help?

If you are unsure about whether you will be entitled to any benefit or support, try our calculator. If you fill in the requested information it will give you an idea of whether you will qualify for assistance. If you are unsure of the result then please contact us.

Please note, most full time students will not be eligible for benefit. If you feel that you may qualify due to a disability or you have dependent children then please seek advice from our advisors.
When completing the calculator below, a maximum of four bedrooms can be considered even if the size of your family would normally require you to need more than four bedrooms. Check your Local Housing Allowance rate.

If you are under 35, please read the following leaflet to see if your benefit is restricted to the Shared Accommodation Rate
Link to Housing Benefit for those under 35 years old leaflet (pdf - 725kb).

Link to Benefits quick calculator

I think I'm eligible, what now?

For a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you will have to complete an application form. If you are also claiming Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance, the Job centre can complete a form with you when you make your claim with them.

You can download and print an application form below.

Download Benefit and Council Tax Support claim form (pdf 1.90mb)

Please read our guidance notes for filling in the claim form, which are on the form itself. If you have any further queries or you are unsure of anything to do with making your claim, please contact us on 01372 732269.

You will need to provide evidence in support of your claim. Some examples of the proofs required include: ID, pay slips, occupational pension, other benefits, tax credits, all your capital (bank statements, bond certificates, etc) rental liability (tenancy agreement).

If you send a form without the evidence that is required it will delay your claim. We will not be able to process your claim without all the supporting evidence. All evidence supplied in support of your claim must be in the form of original documentation. We will not accept photocopies. Failure to provide all the requested information within the time limits may mean that you could lose benefit.

The claim form must be sent to:

The Benefit Section
Epsom & Ewell Borough Council
Town Hall
The Parade
KT18 5BY

When should I claim?

You should make your claim as soon as possible. If you delay claiming, you may lose benefit. If you do not have all the proofs, do not delay returning your claim form to us. You can provide proof at the earliest opportunity later.

You can claim up to 13 weeks before you need Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. So if you know you are moving into rented accommodation or somewhere you will be liable to pay Council Tax soon, you can make a claim. You will not usually receive any award before you move in.

If you have a change in your circumstances, before of after your claim is decided, you must tell us immediately. You can use the form below for this purpose.

Download change of Circumstances form (pdf - 200kb)

When will my benefit/support start?

Usually it will start from the Monday after we receive your claim form, or when you become eligible, if submitting your claim early.

What happens next?

We will tell you in writing whether you qualify for help or not. If you do qualify, we will tell you how much you will receive, how you will get it and the date the help will start.

Further Information

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